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Google controls more than 1/2 of the internet audience or traffic. Most people rely on Google services particularly Google SearchImage SearchYoutube & more to find the stuff they want. Because of this Google is very predominant & important for each or every blogger. The healthy site visitors from Google are the single foremost source of traffic for each blogger.

You probably have just begun your website or blog and have done the whole thing correctly, it'll take a number of days or perhaps a few weeks for Google to find out and crawl your content or blog posts. The majority of bloggers create an account in Google Webmaster Tools and post the sitemaps for Google to let google search bot to find out their blogs quickly.

However as a matter of fact that, Google will only start crawling the webpages after having some backlinks pointing to your blog. So you'll need to write something that will get attracted by some established websites and so they link back to you in recognition. Or else, you may need to construct links yourself by means of guest posting on professional or reputable websites in your niche.

Another easier method to get your blog indexed immediately by Google is the Fetch as Google function. This tool allows the user to fetch a URL as Google bot. This makes sure that Google can access, crawl, and index your site.

A further simpler procedure to get your blog indexed immediately by using Google is the Fetch as Google function. This tool allows user to fetch URLs as Google bot. This makes sure that Google can entry, crawl & index your website or blog.

Fetch as Google returns the following information:

  • The HTTP response returned by your server
  • The date and time of your crawl request
  • HTML source code
  • The first 100KB of visible (indexable) text on a page. If there is not any content, it'll point out that your web page is generated entirely from JavaScript or rich media files, not text-based content material. You must review this text to be certain that it doesn’t contain unexpected content, which could indicate that your website has been hacked. (Note: Googlebot may crawl more than the first 100KB of text.)
You can submit 500 single URLs per week or 10 URLs with all links included per week.

Indexing the blog posts instantly in Google

Open Google Webmaster Tools and select your site. In the left-hand menu, go to Crawl –> Fetch as Google, Enter your blog’s URL, or any other URL which you want to index quickly. If you want to index the homepage, leave the field blank. Press the Fetch button. You will need to wait a few moments until the fetch status turns to Success from Pending. This will be done automatically without refreshing the GWT page. Now Click on Submit to index button in front of the URL.


You will need to select from two options: either Google should index a single URL or URL with all linked pages. If you have just started blogging, you should select the second option.

Now wait for five minutes and then go to and search for your domain with the site: operator. For example, for, I will search as

If you don't have any idea about Fetch as Google or you want to submit your site to google without entering webmaster tools home you can simply navigate & submit your links & get listed on Google within 5 minutes, just follow this step:

  • First of all CLICK HERE
  • Enter your site/blog post link
  • Verify reCaptcha
  • Click on Submit Request, done!!!
This will display all the indexed pages of your domain which should also include the URL which we have submitted above.

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