How to Make Money on YouTube - 100% Guaranteed Idea

YouTube Monetization or how to monetize YouTube videos for make money online by uploading videos on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube
YouTube Monetization or how to monetize YouTube videos for make money online by uploading videos on YouTube to participate in monetizing YouTube channel programs most friends want to know. Now you can earn from YouTube using AdSense account which provided by Google AdSense team, If you have good quality videos also social then you can monetize videos with AdSense ads.
Nowadays people making huge money from YouTube Monetization pregames, Before participate and get success with this pregame you should know all about this. So to get a ride on this you should clear all below queries. Using this you can better understand about this.
  1. What is YouTube monetization rules
  2. How to monetize on YouTube
  3. What is monetization on YouTube
Once you will clear above things then you able to earn money, But before going to deep in this article I want to tell you that YouTube monetization allow only unique videos, If you will use copied video or any copyright then you will lose your AdSense account and also earned money, I means your AdSense account will disable.
Every year endless aggressive business people set out to make a fortune on YouTube, with dreams of huge followings, huge paychecks, and a, for the most part, eminent vocation. The vast majority of them, obviously, neglect to make millions adapting their unique video content for various distinctive of reasons. Be that as it may, there are incalculable YouTube adaptation examples of overcoming adversity too. Here are the best tips, traps, motivations, assets, and go through them for those hoping to bring home good money, or if nothing else some extra burning through cash, through YouTube or other online video sites. (Coincidentally, you might likewise be keen on our advisers for profiting on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestGoogle+, iPhone/Android, and with presentation advertisement systems. Let’s read more about youtube monetization, monetize youtube and monetizing youtube

How to make money on YouTube Monetization by videos monetize

Sign up your own sponsors

There is, obviously, another approach to profit off of YouTube: cut out the middle man and sign up your own particular supporters. In case you’re ready to fabricate a considerable group of audience, you’ll be able to sign up patrons for your programming who need to publicize their items and administrations to your intended interest group. There’s no straightforward equation for joining patrons for your system; everything relies on upon your group of audience, the quantity of the potential backers, and their financial plans. However, in the event that done effectively, this can be an extremely lucrative source of income for YouTube channels.
Well, do you like making videos? If it is so, you’re in luck your hobby can also become a great source of income. All you need to do is create a channel on, upload your videos - and open up your wallet to take in all the money! There are two legal ways of YouTube monetization: participating in a Partner Program and paid product placements. We’re going to explain more about both options below.

#Option 1. Participating in a Partner Program:

The most common way of monetizing YouTube videos is to sign up for the Partner Program. This causes blocks of advertisements by Google AdSense to appear in your videos. You will be able to choose the ads’ subject matter and also to specify which videos are going to show the ads. From this point on everything is fairly simple: the more people click the ad weblink, the more money you get.

How to Start Making Money out of Ads

  • First, make sure that the YouTube Partner Program is available in your country. To do this, simply follow this link.
  • If your country is on the list, your next step is to get monetization approval from YouTube. Click your profile icon in the top-right corner of the page, and select the Creator Studio icon. In the vertical menu, click Channel, and hit Apply next to the Monetization section. You’ll be forwarded to the Interest form which you should complete and submit. If your application is approved, you’ll receive all the instructions in an email from YouTube support, and the Monetization settings section will become accessible in your account.
Complete and submit Interest Form to start YouTube monetization
  • Even if your country is on the approved list but after pressing Apply you are still told that the Monetization feature is inaccessible, go instead to the YouTube Product forum. This is a known issue among users and you will most likely find help there.

How to Guarantee an Approval:

Your account must be in good standing. Go to the Dashboard and open the Channel settings tab. Do the notes under Account status say that you have good standing with Community guidelines and Copyright? If so you have nothing to worry about! 

How to guarantee an approval and make money on YouTubeAlso, keep in mind that you have to own all the rights to the videos you’re publishing online. YouTube’s regulations prohibit using advertisements in a copy of someone else’s video even if you have the express consent of the owner to earn money from their creation.

  • The main advantage of this method: Participation in the Partner Program won’t require any real work from you, the channel’s owner. All you need to do is sign up and then the system will take care of everything else.
  • Main disadvantage: As with the majority of other partner programs, YouTube’s program has a minimum threshold for withdrawing funds - 100 USD. It means that the system won’t let you withdraw money until you have at least 100 USD in your account. If your channel has already gained a certain degree of popularity and your videos are viewed by hundreds of thousands people a day, then earning such a sum will be no problem. Beginners, though, will have a harder time building up this much from scratch. So if a deadline is nearing and the amount in your account is not even close to this minimum, you should probably consider a different way to monetize your videos.

#Option 2. Paid Product Placement:

If you are unsure about trusting the Partner Program with your money you can always control the advertising process yourself. You’ll need to find a sponsor who will be interested in buying promotional airtime in your video and negotiate the ad format yourself: it might be a detailed video review of their goods and services or a subtle product placement in the form of an object with the sponsor’s logo somewhere in the frame.You should remember, though, that YouTube’s Terms and Conditions state that you are not allowed to advertise on their website unless you have a preliminary approval from YouTube administrators.It can be hazardous to work with sponsors without YouTube representatives’ approval: breaking the regulations can lead to sanctions against you, even including your account being blocked. So it’s a good idea to reach out to YouTube representatives and find out if they are OK with your plans before you actually start looking for sponsors.Main advantage: Financial independence. You’re the only one who decides how much promotional airtime in your videos will cost, and when and how it’s going to be paid for.Main disadvantage: Finding sponsors and negotiating with them can take up a lot of time.So, now that you know about both ways of monetizing on YouTube, you may be asking yourself whether it’s possible to combine the two. Even though it doesn’t go against the website’s regulations, we would not recommend using both of these methods simultaneously. An excess of ads is unlikely to be to your audience’s liking. You will earn much more if you choose one of them and then develop your YouTube marketing strategy to gain as many subscribers as you can.Broadening your channel’s audience is its own complex and time-consuming task that demands expert knowledge. You can, however, take the first step in that direction right now! Here are some useful tips for creating and editing popular videos for YouTube.
  1. Stock video footage. In recent years YouTube had been known for its aggressive copyright protection stance. If its system identifies as much as a theme from another copyrighted source, you instantly get a strike against your channel. A good way to avoid such hassles is to have a source of licensed stock footage like VideoBlocks which you can use in any way and profit from to your heart’s content.
  2. Video Montage. You can turn camera footage into stylish and fancy films with Movavi Video Editor. Just download the software, read the instructions on how to make a home movie and soon you’ll be able to edit like a pro.
  3. Capturing screen video. Want to make a batch of video tutorials? All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with Movavi Screen Capture Studio - an immensely useful program for capturing video from a PC screen. This tutorial how to create a video guide will help to fill your channel with quality video lessons, with minimum time and effort.
  4. Recording gameplay Planning to make a Let’s play? Movavi Game Capture will come in handy to do that. With this easy-to-use software, you can record gameplay from Skyrim, Sims, and other game hits in no time. Our tutorial on how to capture gameplay will help you to learn about the process.
  5. Uploading on YouTube. Our Movavi software always contains an option to upload video directly from the program interface. Even if you want to use a video that wasn’t created using Movavi software, you can always use Movavi Video Converter to save your video in a format suitable for YouTube and, in just a couple of click upload it to your channel.

YouTube Monetization strategy rules policy

Become YouTube Partner: The easiest and most regular approach to profit through YouTube includes cooperating specifically with YouTube and viably separating the cash that is produced using advertisements. This incorporates both the advertisements that play amid and before your recordings and the standard promotions that are appeared on one side of your video on
For a definite breakdown of the different commercial units, and in addition where profit for every one shown, look at this late article from Chris Atkinson at ReelSEO. The greatest point of preference for the YouTube Partner system is the accommodation: it’s anything but difficult to get up and running and begin acquiring some income. In any case, it will be difficult to get rich along these lines; just a little divide of YouTube accomplices make tons of money.

Advance your own stock:

While numerous YouTubers concentrate on the “immediate” adaptation defeats accessible, maybe the greatest potential in the video is in the chance to advance different items and administrations that are moneymakers for you.
Giving without end free video substance can be an extraordinary approach to make money–if you’re successfully advancing stock or administrations that your free clients will pay for. If you have items or administrations to offer and a YouTube gathering of people that would be occupied with buying them, this may be your best adaptation opportunity.

Go freemium style:

YouTube can be an extraordinary approach to creating leads for your paid administrations, and a “freemium” plan of action can be an incredible approach to turn on the masses to your paid item. This idea is really basic; give away a group of substance for nothing on YouTube, yet keep down some of your best stuff behind a paywall all alone site.If you can get a major group to make the most of your free substance, the chances are that you’ll have the capacity to get a part of them to pay for your selective video too. The Young Turks have executed this model well; look at their channel for a decent case of freemium.

Get a member arrangement set up:

In the event that you don’t have an awesome premium item to offer, discover somebody who does–and cut yourself into their income stream. In the event that you have a vast and/or focused on the group of audience, discover an accomplice whose items you can advance in your recordings and hash out a way that you can get acknowledgment for sending customers their way!
Associate arrangements can be hard to adapt if there are no undeniable accomplices for your channel, however, there’s a tremendous open door here in the event that you can viably turn into a representative for another organization in your record.

Best 12 Ways for Monetization or Monetize YouTube

Monetize Your Channel
It pauses a moment to set up, yet once you do you can set every one of your recordings to be adapted. YouTube chooses promotions to have appeared on your recordings, you get an income’s bit. It’s that basic.

Make More Videos… Any Videos

What, you think just by setting the adaptation up to that the millions stream rapidly? No, they require recordings to do that. The uplifting news is that it can be ANY video. Try not to hold up to complete that tune.
Make fun fast recordings (no less than a moment long) looking at anything. Without a doubt, some of them may make you only a few pennies. Be that as it may, after some time the volume could begin gathering into something significant.

  • Get People to Watch More Videos
Alright, so somebody comes into watch one video. Might they need to watch two so you can profit? Possibly, however, make it simple for them. Make a playlist of your recordings and direct individuals into watching a playlist rather than an individual video.

  • Set Annotations to Link to iTunes:
When you have an adapted record that has no copyright dings against it, you can empower your annotations to have live connections to iTunes, Google Play and then some. Simply set Enable on annotations and add one to your video. Voila. Moment movement to offer your downloads.
  • YouTube Content ID Fingerprinting
Verify your music is put into a database that permits YouTube to coordinate whenever your tune is utilized. That implies each time your music is added to an irregular skateboarding or form video, you’ll get an income’s cut. If your merchant doesn’t offer it, utilize an administration like Audiam or INDmusic.

  • Join a Network
Has an extraordinary group of the audience to work from? You can join a YouTube system, for example, Fullscreen or Maker Studios who influence your gathering of people for higher promotion rates. They might likewise bring other adopting open doors for your recordings, also cross limited time chances to drive up perspectives.

Put Your Video on VEVO

If your music recordings are excellent and can pull in a huge crowd, consider setting your video on VEVO. You get the benefit of both the YouTube and the VEVO system for permeability, they may elevate your video to different viewers to get more perspectives, and they pay at a rate altogether higher than YouTube.
What about an ensured installment from your fans for every video you set up regardless of what number of perspectives it gets? Patreon is a one of a kind model where your fans vow little money related figures for Kickstarter-style rewards. The outcomes are knowing the amount of cash you may make a video before you even make it!

Free Banner Ads

Minimal known certainty. If you spend only $1 on YouTube advertisements to your video, you can set up a free flag promotion toward the video’s start that can go anyplace you need. Offer merch, show tickets… anything.
After you put a promotion, an “Invitation to take action Overlay” tab will show up on your Info/Settings tab in Video Manager. Voila, free advancement to offer your products.

  • Trailers
YouTube is urging channel proprietors to make a 30-second business advancing your channel and putting it on the front page of your Channel page. Extraordinary. You can likewise sign up on Fan Finder and they’ll run the notice before different recordings for nothing. Acquiring fans and income.

  • Description Links
After you incorporate the essential data on your video in the portrayal, verify you add outbound links to everything that you’d like to offer to forthcoming fans. Merch stores, iTunes, Spotify… every single incredible spot to attract your fans to for further income.

  • Licensing Companies
Try not to sit tight for somebody to haphazardly discover your melody to put behind them on YouTube. Have individuals who are effectively searching for melodies to permit. Organizations like Audiosocket and CueSongs permit craftsmen to have YouTubers lawfully permit melodies for their recordings for low rates. Presentation + Revenue = Awesome.

Instructions to Start Making Money out of Ads

If your nation is on the rundown, your next step is to get adaptation approbation from YouTube. Click your profile symbol in the upper right corner of the page, and select the Creator Studio symbol. In the vertical menu, snap Channel, and hit Apply beside the Monetization segment.
You’ll be sent to the Interest structure which you ought to finish and submit. In the event that your application is a sanction, you’ll get every one of the guidelines in an email from YouTube support, and the Monetization settings area will get to be open in your record.
Regardless of the possibility that your nation is on the endorsed list however in the wake of squeezing Apply, you are still informed that the Monetization highlight is out of reach, go rather to the YouTube Product gathering. This is a known issue among clients and you will in all probability discover help there.

The most effective method to Guarantee an Approval

Your record must be in great standing. Go to the Dashboard and open the Channel settings tab. Do the notes under Account status say that you have great remaining with Community rules and Copyright? In the event that so you don’t have anything to stress over!
Likewise, remember that you have to claim every one of the rights for the recordings you’re distributed on the web. YouTube’s regulations deny utilizing notices as a part of a duplicate of another person’s video regardless of the fact that you have the express assent of the proprietor to win cash from their creation.
The fundamental favorable position of this system: Participation in the Partner Program won’t require any genuine work from you, the channel’s proprietor. You should do nothing more than sign up and after that, the framework will deal with everything else.
Primary barrier: As with the lion’s share of other accomplice projects, YouTube’s system has a base edge for pulling back stores – 100 USD. It implies that the framework won’t give you a chance to pull back cash until you have no less than 100 USD in your record.
In the event that your channel has as of now picked up a sure level of ubiquity and your recordings are seen by many thousands of individuals a day, then procuring such a total will be no issue.
Apprentices, however, will have a harder time building up this much starting with no outside help. So if a due date is nearing and the sum in your record is way off the mark to this base, you ought to most likely consider an alternate approach to adapt your recordings.

Paid Product Placement

In the event that you are uncertain about believing the Partner Program with your cash, you can simply control the publicizing procedure yourself. You’ll have to discover a patron who will be keen on purchasing special broadcast appointment in your video and arrange the promotion position yourself: it may be a point by point video audit of their merchandise and administrations or an unpretentious item situation as an article with the support’s logo someplace in the edge.
You ought to recall, however, that YouTube’s Terms and Conditions express that you are not permitted to promote through their site unless you have a preparatory endorsement from YouTube directors.
It can be unsafe to work with supporters without YouTube delegates’ approbation: breaking the regulations can prompt authorizations against you, notwithstanding including your record is blocked. So it’s a smart thought to contact YouTube delegates and see whether they are OK with your arrangements before you really begin searching for patrons.
In this way, now that you think about both methods for adapting on YouTube, you may be asking yourself whether it’s conceivable to join the two. Despite the fact that it doesn’t conflict with the site’s regulations, we would not suggest utilizing both of these routines at the same time. An excess of promotions is unrealistic to be to your group of the audience’ preferring.
You will acquire a great deal more in the event that you pick one of them and afterward build up your YouTube promoting system to pick up the greatest number of supporters as you can.
Expanding your channel’s group of audience is its own complex and tedious errand that requests master learning. You can, then again, step in that course at this time! Here are some helpful tips for making and altering famous recordings for YouTube.

#Other Ideas

Turned into a “Motionmaker” at Dailymotion:

DailyMotion has turned into a well-known option you YouTube as of late and speaks to a route for video makers to take advantage of prevalent entries. The procedure is really basic; “Motionmakers” can transfer their recordings to Dailymotion and acquire a bit of any publicizing income produced.

Open up your Vimeo Tip Jar:

Vimeo takes an alternate way to deal with adapting recordings. Rather than depending on promotions, this site utilizes a “Tip Jar” model. That is practically what it sounds like; viewers of Vimeo recordings have the choice to “Tip This Video,” which includes giving a tip of about $1 up to $500. Video makers get around 85% of all tips produced.

Chip away at hitting the landing page: is a video sharing site that offers makers another interesting approach to profit. In the event that your unique video is highlighted on their landing page, they will pay you $400 to offer the video to them (or you can take $200 to permit the video).



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Teach Sansar - Leading Digital Technology: How to Make Money on YouTube - 100% Guaranteed Idea
How to Make Money on YouTube - 100% Guaranteed Idea
YouTube Monetization or how to monetize YouTube videos for make money online by uploading videos on YouTube
Teach Sansar - Leading Digital Technology
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