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Online training is a modern way of learning by the use of electronic media and information and communication technologies. Students, for whom it is infeasible to travel to our institute, nevertheless wish to acquire the training can benefit from our online-training facility. Candidates who are working full-time or who live abroad may make the best use of our online service.
We have professional trainers with high communication skills to conduct online training. Training session is conducted on a “one-to-one” basis. Keeping in mind your busy schedule, we provide as much flexibility in time as possible for the training session.
A session usually runs from one to two hours depending upon the queries and needs of the trainee. One must be aware; an online training because of the time and efforts committed towards the trainee’s individual needs may prove slightly more expensive than a classroom session. One however should not be demotivated by this, as a “one to one” session is an opportunity where a student has a trainer completely dedicated only to his needs.
It frequently happens, so we have learnt from our previous students, that students who are studying abroad have to take supplementary programming language courses to complete their project/assignments. It is no secret that these courses if studies abroad itself, cost a fortune. Our online training, which costs a fraction of the amount one would have to pay, can prove handy during these hard times. After all, money and time is of utmost value to anyone. Here we step in, to help you save money and time. Learn the course you wish/need to in the comfort of your own house.

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